Seedling Nursery Intern


The Roots to Health Seedling program at the GrowHaus produces thousands of vegetable and herb plants each spring. We sell transplants from March through May at our Mercado del Lado, at an annual Seed Swap Event at the GrowHaus, and at local farmers markets in Denver. We also accept pre-orders for transplants to be picked up at the appropriate time for outside planting. At the Roots to Health Seedling program, we focus on cultivating easy-to-grow, locally successful varieties and heirloom varieties of vegetables. We also grow culinary and medicinal herbs. A Seedling Nursery Intern will assist the Seedling Coordinator in growing healthy transplants for sale throughout the spring. They will water transplants, monitor for pests and disease, seed new crops, transplant existing plants, clean and sanitize the nursery space, help with inventory and order fulfillment, and help sell transplants at a number of different farmers markets and events throughout the spring. A Seedling Nursery Intern will learn about plant health and irrigation techniques, how to run a small nursery, and how to troubleshoot nursery issues as they arise.


  • Mixing soil, cleaning and prepping planting containers, filling containers for planting.

  • Seeding, transplanting, and thinning plants as needed, according to the Seedling Coordinator’s planting and maintenance schedule.

  • Assist in daily plant chores such as opening and closing the germination boxes, cleaning, sweeping, and sanitizing seedling room, organizing and taking inventory of plants.

  • Monitor pest and disease in the seedling room and general seed health, and assisting in controlling any pest or disease outbreaks.

  • Hand-watering transplants at least once daily and monitoring for dry spots to assist in spot-watering.

  • Help maintain and manage an automatic irrigation system.

  • Taking part in 2-4 farmer's markets throughout the spring to sell seedlings.

  • Assist in the sale, storage, and transportation of seedlings to and from market events.

  • Maintain sales records at sales events and markets.

  • Last and most important, adhere to food safety protocol and maintain a safe and productive work environment.

Skills and Requirements:

  • Passionate about food production and growing plants!

  • Strong work ethic - willingness to do "whatever it takes"

  • Ability to perform repetitive, physical tasks such as seeding and cleaning with a positive attitude and high accuracy

  • Ability to perform well under pressure

  • Ability to work unsupervised and troubleshoot basic repairs when working alone

  • Ability to communicate with the Seedling Coordinator about any plant issues and needs as they arise.

  • Capable interpersonal skills, including working with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds

  • Conversational Spanish skills highly preferred

Schedule: 15 hours/week

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