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Mycology Lab Skills Workshops

By popular demand, our mushroom farm manager Alex will be offering this workshop on five separate dates!

This workshop is designed as a follow-up to the Start-to-Finish Mushroom Growing Workshop. We will focus on the following processes:

•Laminar flow hood layout and general sterile technique
•Pouring plates and culture slants
•Subculturing petri dishes and wrapping plates
•Agar-to-grain transfers
•Grain-to-agar transfers
•Long-term storage in slants and sterile water

This workshop will take place entirely in our mushroom farm lab, using a laboratory-grade laminar flow hood. This setting is ideal for those interested in gaining further experience with sterile technique while using professional equipment, or for those wishing to experience a different working environment than that commonly used by home-based mushroom growers. Each workshop is limited to 4 attendees.

Buy your tickets here! - 100% of proceeds will directly fund The GrowHaus' mission of providing lasting access to healthy food!