Our web page is under construction while we roll out new and exciting improvements to our weekly Food Box program!

For questions, email or call (720)515-4751

New and Improved Food Box Options!

Donate a box - A donation of $20 directly funds a food box for residents of Elyria-Swansea and Globeville.

Here are the new order options starting the week of October 5, 2018:

  • $20 Basic Box, which will include bread every week instead of every other week

  • $15 All Produce Box-Think Basic Box without bread and eggs

  • $7 Add-On Options-All fruit bundle and all vegetable bundle

  • Online Store where you can buy extra eggs, bread, and tortillas

  • $5 home delivery option available

  • No more Family Box given your feedback

The GrowHaus’ Food Box Program Featured in 5280 Magazine’s 2018 Food Lover’s Guide

Two Birds With One Box

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The GrowHaus’ food subscription helps feed hungry Denverites in more ways than one. —Andra Zeppelin

“Want to shop local and help alleviate food insecurity? Do both by subscribing to the GrowHaus’ CSA-like food-box program. You can feed your family with a weekly assortment of fresh, Colorado-grown veggies (lettuces, greens, and mushrooms are cultivated on-site), organic fruits, and locally sourced Bluepoint Bakery breads, High Plains Food Cooperative eggs, and Raquelitas Tortillas. Meanwhile, your dollars contribute to the GrowHaus’ goal of providing healthy options for the residents of the Elyria-Swansea neighborhood, a food desert. “The primary mission of our boxes, which we call ‘food justice in a box,’ is to engage other area communities to help those in need,” says Kathryn Ardoin, the GrowHaus’ director of food initiatives. “All of the revenue goes directly into our free grocery program and to support the discounts we offer in our market.” Choose the size of your box depending on the size of your family and your appetite for helping others. 720-515-4751”

The proceeds from our food boxes help to fund The GrowHaus’ food access programming with the belief that healthy food is a RIGHT, not a privilege.