Fresh fruits, vegetables, and dry goods at affordable prices for local residents and the greater Denver community.

Food Box Options

Donate a box - A donation of $20 directly funds a food box for residents of Elyria-Swansea and Globeville.

Each box is available every week and includes fruits, vegetables, and eggs.  Bread/tortillas will be included in the box every other week.  In addition, each box contains an insert with a suggested recipe using ingredients from the box.

Family Boxes Contain:

  • 10-12 servings of vegetables (weekly)
  • 5-8  servings of fruit (weekly) 
  • A dozen eggs (weekly)
  • Full loaf of bread/ full pack of tortillas (every other week)

Basic Boxes Contain:

  • 6-8 servings of vegetables (weekly)
  • 3-5 servings of fruit (weekly)
  • Half-dozen eggs (weekly)
  • Half-loaf of bread/ half pack of tortillas (every other week)

Double Up Colorado!

The GrowHaus accepts Double Up Food Bucks Colorado. When recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) shop at participating locations, they can have their purchase matched with a voucher worth up to a $20 per visit to put toward Colorado-grown fruits and vegetables.


"How does double up colorado work with my Food box?"


1.  Choose your box size: Family or Basic

2.  Sign-up on this page - the link is listed below - to sign up for your food box and pick-up location. Select the "Double Up"  option to receive a discount for paying with SNAP benefits

3.  At checkout, choose the EBT/SNAP payment option.   You will need to either process your EBT/SNAP card in-person at The GrowHaus, or by phone (720) 515-4751, extension 1 for the market.

4.  Pick up your food box at the location you've chosen.

*Through the winter when local produce is scarce, we are offering a 25% discount on all Food Boxes paid for with SNAP benefits as part of the Double Up Food Bucks program.*

The proceeds from our food boxes help to fund  Cosechando Salud, our free grocery program and cooking class, and Mercado de al Lado, our neighborhood market with special discounts for residents of the communities of Elyria-Swansea & Globeville.