Food Education

Beyond growing and distributing healthy food, The GrowHaus aims to be a hub of learning about nutrition, gardening, cooking, and other essential skills for building healthy communities. We currently educate through the following programs:

Service Learning & Experiential Education

Our  service learning and experiential education workshops provide unique, customizable experiences for groups of 10 to 40 people of all ages.  They consist of a mix of group discussion, hands-on activities, and volunteer work that challenge participants to think critically about issues of sustainable agriculture and food access. Let us know if you're interested in scheduling a service learning workshop for your organization!

Micro Farm Program

In our Micro Farm Program, residents of our community gain key sustainability skills through a series of 4- to 12-week classes. Over the course of these programs, participants learn about gardening, nutrition, animal husbandry, composting, and business strategies, aiding in holistic lifestyles, wellbeing, and financial stability.


Seed2Seed is our summer leadership program for teens, focused on healthy diet, healthy soil, and healthy communities. Over eight weeks, Seed2Seed participants learn about the essentials of nutrition, growing food, social justice, and entrepreneurship - all while creating cross-cultural connections with other Denver teens.

Bees In the Garden


Bees in The Garden is a food education program held each summer, specifically designed with young children’s health in mind. The focus is on early learning experiences, engaging children in playful discovery, and exploration that supports them in making healthy connections to the garden, food, and the natural world. Through these experiences children learn how to take care of themselves, the earth, and one another. The project builds upon research that shows how early learning experiences (ages 2-8 years), support healthy life-long habits, and more importantly, prevent bad habits of unhealthy eating. When families then replicate these activities at home, it prevents a cycle of unhealthy eating and gives families many ways to support their young children’s healthy growth and development.



Our after school classes introduce students from our surrounding neighborhood, ages Kindergarten to 5th Grade, to healthy cooking and gardening topics such as seed starting, composting, and animal care. Throughout the school year we aim to develop students’ kitchen skills and spark an interest in gardening that they can bring back to their families.  

Public Workshops

Our public workshops are fee-based classes for the public to learn about the topics and techniques that The GrowHaus works with on a daily basis. Common topics include:

  • Aquaponics

  • Hydroponics

  • Bee Keeping

  • Sustainable Garden Design

  • Permaculture

  • Food Justice

Denver permaculture design course

Every year, the GrowHaus hosts the Denver Permaculture Design Course in conjunction with the Denver Permaculture Guild. Held one weekend per month between October and April, the course is a comprehensive training in ecological design based on an internationally-recognized 72-hour curriculum. Through hands-on activities, real-world design projects, and connections with other classmates, participants gain a host of skills aimed at healing landscapes and communities alike. Interested in our next course? Find out more here!