Food Production

The GrowHaus is committed to offering food year-round with minimum inputs. Our growing operations demonstrate a variety of innovative, sustainable, and community-oriented urban farming techniques. Want to see the farms yourself? Sign up for one of our weekly tours!

Visit these local restaurants and retailers to taste our crops. 

Hydroponics Farm

The Hydroponics Farm is a state-of-the-art, 5,000 square foot commercial farm that grows leafy greens for distribution throughout Denver, local restaurants, and markets. The Hydroponics Farm has been fully operational since October 2012, and produces an average yield of 1,200 heads of leafy greens per week, using 90% less water than conventional farming. 

The primary crop in the Hydroponics Farm is bibb lettuce, although other leafy greens such as chard, kale, arugula, spinach, and cilantro are also grown. Crops in the Hydroponics Farm are raised with synthetic liquid fertilizer, which runs through a series of 110 plastic troughs that are specially designed to optimize air and moisture levels. Temperature, fertility and pH levels are all computer-controlled to ensure ideal year-round conditions for the plants.

Currently, The GrowHaus cultivates approximately 5,000 plants at a time, with a harvest every 1-2 weeks. The crops are distributed at cost to Elyria Swansea Globeville residents through our food box program and market, while the remainder are sold to restaurants and specialty markets (click here to find retailers).



Aquaponics mimics natural ecosystems to combine the best aspects of aquaculture and hydroponics in a recirculating system. The commercial- scale aquaponics system at The GrowHaus occupies 3,200 square feet.  It was built and is maintained by the Colorado Aquaponics team in partnership with The GrowHaus. 


The aquaponics system at The GrowHaus serves as a model that has been replicated in community centers, schools, places of worship, correctional facilities, housing developments, and other locations. Skills gained through construction and maintenance, and educational training can be used in many of these locations to increase local food production in Denver and around the world.

Aquaponics classes are offered throughout the year at The GrowHaus.  Additional information about Aquaponics Training Courses and System Builds can be found on the Colorado Aquaponics website

Mushroom Farm


Our Mushroom Farm has been fully operational since late 2015, and produces beautiful, all natural mushrooms for local community members, markets, and Denver area restaurants. Utilizing vertical space and designs, this "micro-farm" has a footprint of only 200 square feet! Our indoor fruting chamber carefully controls humidity, temperature and gas exchange to produce a steady supply of protein rich and nutrient dense mushrooms year round, while seasonal varieties keep families and chefs excited with unique colors and flavors.

Seedling Start Nursery

Roots to Health, the seedling start nursery, started in 2015 as an educational program at The GrowHaus.  This year, it is a fledgling business working with neighborhood community members, interns, and volunteers.  The aim of Roots to Health is to provide heritage, organic, and non-GMO seedlings to Denver residents to establish their healthy gardens.  This year, we will also be offering unique medicinal herb seedlings not typically available elsewhere in Denver. You can order your seedlings on-line and we’ll get in touch with you when the plants are ready! Some plants are ready in April. Most plants are ready in early May, in time for you to plant your garden after the last frost.  

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Growasis permaculture FARM

Permaculture is a design framework that seeks to meet human needs while restoring ecosystem health. Growasis, our education and demonstration farm, incorporates a number of techniques drawn from the principles and practices of permaculture design:

  • a self-regulating "edible ecosystem" of tropical plants such as figs, bananas and papayas

  • compost piles

  • worm composting system

  • rabbits and chickens

  • incubation space for neighborhood residents starting their own small businesses around food production

Want to get your hands dirty in Growasis? Sign up for an internship or service learning workshop!