hydroponic farm

The Hydroponics Farm is a 5,000 square-foot indoor farm that provides fresh produce for Elyria Swansea Globeville residents and generates income for The GrowHaus through sales to restaurants and markets. It utilizes a number of state-of-the-art features to minimize inputs and maximize yields.

The Hydroponics Farm was constructed during 2011 with the support of the Denver Office of Economic Development and The Colorado Health Foundation. Renovations included the installation of a climate battery, which helps save over 70% of heating costs by employing a network of pipes that store heat in an underground soil chamber and blow warm air throughout the space in cold weather.

The primary crop in the Hydroponics Farm is bibb lettuce, although other leafy greens such as chard, kale, arugula, spinach, and cilantro are also grown. Crops in the Hydroponics Farm are raised with synthetic liquid fertilizer, which runs through a series of 110 plastic troughs that are specially designed to optimize air and moisture levels. Temperature, fertility and pH levels are all computer-controlled to ensure ideal year-round conditions for the plants.

As a result, the Hydroponics Farm is able to generate up to 1,200 plants per week while conserving up to 90% of the water used in typical commercial farming. The climate of the Hydroponics Farm as well as watering schedules, pH, and fertilizer levels are all controlled using computerized systems.Through our partnership with Circle Fresh Farms, many of the greens grown in the Hydroponics Farm are sold to local restaurants and specialty markets (click here to find locations) to generate earned income for our facility, while the remainder are distributed in our daily market and weekly food boxes.