Mushroom Internship Description:

The Mushroom Farm is a 400ft2 commercial and educational micro-farm in The GrowHaus that cultivates three types of edible fungi: Shiitake (L. edodes), and two oyster mushroom cultivars. The farm sells the mushrooms to local residents, grocery stores, and restaurants throughout town, as well as creates nutritional and medicinal mycelial extracts.  The farm lab also holds regular workshops on cultivation and fungi ecology, and continues research and development on a variety of commercial growing techniques. The Mushroom Farm Intern will work alongside the Farm Manager to oversee the successful cultivation of farm-to-market gourmet mushrooms. The Mushroom Farm Intern will be working side-by-side with volunteers, community residents, and youth on both cultivating edible mushrooms and developing the mycology program at The GrowHaus. The ideal candidate will be interested in mycology, possess creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and be interested in increasing social justice and engineering environmental sustainability through fungi.


  • Assist with regular farm maintenance including: media formulations, inoculation, spawn runs, substrate packing, harvest, batching and system monitoring

  • Maintain food safety and BAP protocols

  • Daily data monitoring, and recording of lab and fruiting chambers

  • Assist in development and marketing of the Mushroom Farm sales strategy

  • Completing routine farm scouting/monitoring for any deficiencies or pathogens

  • Learn and employ sterile lab technique

  • Troubleshoot equipment malfunctions and correct as necessary

  • Assist in keeping farm SOP manual up-to-date with best practices, maintenance procedures, and contingency plans

  • Develop a personal mycological remediation project with assistance of Farm Manager

  • Attend special events at, or on behalf of, The GrowHaus


  • Internship positions are available throughout the year, and run for ~3-4 months at a time

  • Interns are required to volunteer at least one 5-hour shift per week, Monday through Friday

Skills and Requirements:

  • Passionate about fungi!

  • Strong work ethic - willingness to learn new skills and information related to mycology

  • Ability to perform repetitive, physical tasks such as preparing substrate bags and cleaning

  • Have a positive attitude with high accuracy and replicability

  • Ability to perform well under pressure or time sensitive scenarios

  • Ability to work unsupervised, troubleshooting basic repairs and when working alone

  • Capable interpersonal skills, including working with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds to engage in conversation and education about fungi

  • Conversational Spanish skills helpful

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