#MyGrowHaus Campaign

For the giving season, we are proud to share our #MyGrowHaus campaign. Students, staff, supporters, and residents of Globeville, Elyria-Swansea share what The GrowHaus means to them by finishing the sentence #MyGrowHaus….

Check out the campaign page here to learn how to participate and support The GrowHaus on this season.

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Laura Molina, GrowHaus Market Coordinator and Mother of Three_ #MyGrowHaus ended my days of settling for unhealthy food to feed my kids. (1).png
Esperonza, Former Seed2Seed Student_ #MyGrowHaus is where.png
Guadalupe, Promotoa#MyGrowHaus is equipping mewith the skills to be a community advocate. Helping me, help my community. (2).png
Here's what one of our younger community members, Ingry, has to say_#MyGrowHaus is healthy, fun, and I like to bake there. (1).png