The Digital Design Intern is tasked with ensuring that our supporters stay informed and engaged in our work. Through maintaining our online presence, assisting with graphic design projects and updating the public via newsletters etc., the digital design intern is responsible for maintaining The GrowHaus brand. The ideal candidate will be friendly, an excellent written and oral communicator, and will be savvy in social media, HTML, and graphic design.


● Manage and maintain The GrowHaus and Mercado de al Lado websites

● Design professional graphics for GrowHaus programming such as flyers, postcards, and t-shirts

● Maintain The GrowHaus email contact database

● Collaborate with the Communications Intern to coordinate monthly email newsletters, including solicitation of content, article-writing, formatting, and release

● Represent The GrowHaus at events for the general public such as festivals and information fairs by staffing a booth

● Develop a Digital Design Handbook and update on a regular basis

● Attend special events at GrowHaus or on behalf of GrowHaus


  • 4-8 month commitment
  • 15 hours/week

Skills and Requirements:

● 2-5 years experience with Adobe Creative Suite software

● Excellent writing ability

● Able to multitask and be productive in a busy work environment

● Dependable and able to consistently meet deadlines regardless of other activities

● Knowledge of HTML and other programming languages highly preferred

● Experience using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in a professional capacity

● Interest in blogging about The GrowHaus and networking with others interested in food justice, food systems, food deserts, social justice, Denver urban farming, etc.

● Create projects depicting The GrowHaus, may include video or photography

● Comfortable working independently

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