Seedling Nursery Intern


The Roots to Health Seedling program at the GrowHaus produces thousands of vegetable and herb plants each spring. We sell transplants from March through May at our Mercado del Lado and at an annual Seed Swap Event at the GrowHaus. We also accept pre-orders for transplants to be picked up at the appropriate time for outside planting. At the Roots to Health Seedling program, we focus on cultivating easy-to-grow, locally successful varieties and heirloom varieties of vegetables. We also grow culinary and medicinal herbs. A Seedling Nursery Intern will assist the Seedling Coordinator in growing healthy transplants for sale throughout the spring. They will water transplants, monitor for pests and disease, seed new crops, transplant existing plants, clean and sanitize the nursery space, help with inventory and order fulfillment, and help sell transplants at a number of different farmers markets and events throughout the spring. A Seedling Nursery Intern will learn about plant health and irrigation techniques, how to run a small nursery, and how to troubleshoot nursery issues as they arise. The GrowHaus is a resident-centered organization, and that means we work very closely with our neighbors.



  • The Nursery Helper will make sure that seedlings are planted in accordance with the coordinator’s schedule. They will follow the safety guidelines of the seedling nursery.

Specific tasks:

  • Evaluate product marketing alternatives, assist with building a marketing plan, then promote and market seedling products.

  • Determine types and quantities of seedlings to be produced, based on budgets, projected sales volumes, and natural resource restraints.

  • Manage irrigation systems according to seedling need.

  • Perform seed production duties such as planning, planting, fertilizing, cultivating, and spraying.

  • Grow seedlings in greenhouses or cold-frame beds or other methods of seedling production.

  • Monitor seedlings as they grow in order to ensure that they are growing properly and are free from diseases and contaminants.

  • Identify and treat plant problems such as diseases, weeds, and insect pests.

  • Assemble, position, and secure structures such as trellises, seedling tables, lighting, fences, etc using hand tools.

  • Cultivate specialty products.

  • Negotiate and arrange for the sale, storage, and transportation of seedlings.

  • Clean and disinfect seedling space and storage, transport and seedling transportation containers.

  • Clean, grade, and package seedlings for marketing.

  • Control the spread of diseases by following proper food safety protocol.

  • Destroy diseased seedling and compost superfluous seedlings.

  • Maintain facilities such as water supplies, greenhouse space, and storage space.

  • Maintain financial, tax, and production records.

  • Manage and oversee the day-to-day running of seedling project.

  • Doing everything to assure an agreed upon income from the seedling project.

  • Last and most important, keeping to the safety of handling all seedlings. Making sure that everyone entering the space maintain washed hands.

Schedule: 15 hours/week

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