Seed Saving with Restore Colorado: Seeds for the People

September 10 2016, 11a-1pm

Would you like to learn how to save your garden seeds?  The experts from Restore Colorado:  Seeds for the People will be at The GrowHaus teaching this hands on workshop.

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The best place to learn about seed saving is at a local seed swap, or talking with folks who have saved seeds for a long time. Here are some basic guidelines for saving seeds as part of your garden's harvest:

  • Save seeds from open-pollinatedheirloom and/or nativevarieties so they will grow into plants that are like their parents for as long as you are to grow them properly
  • Grow a large enough population so that the genetics will bediverse and resilient to all types of weather for beans 20 plants or less may be enough, for corn 2-5 hundred plants should be great, do your research and do your best to have a bunch each year you save seeds. If you are worried you can only really grow 3 bean plants, have 5 friends grow 3 or more of your bean variety and we all might just get back to the garden of eden with no trouble at all
  • Make sure to keep proper isolation distance to avoid unwanted cross pollination (crosses may be fine and delightful when intention is placed on the parents and some desired results) true and complete is isolation is almost impossible in many areas .  Pollen can travel many many miles in a wind storm. Some plants pollinate them selves, because each flower has all the necessary elements. Other plants require bees or wind to carry the pollen from plant to plant. 
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