The GrowHaus' 9th Annual Seed Swap

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 9th Annual Seed Swap. We can’t wait to do it all again next year!

If you missed the event, stay tuned for our Roots to Health Seedling Sales in May!

Buy your tickets before the event for $12. Tickets go up to $15 on Saturday

Calling Denver gardeners and veggie-lovers alike! The GrowHaus invites you to our 9th annual Seed Swap. All are welcome to join us for a celebration of the upcoming growing season. There will be gardening workshops, local food vendors, music, face painting, and of course, seeds! Score some new seeds for this growing season's garden, and come together as a community to connect and learn from each other. 

Volunteer Opportunities during Seed Swap

There will be a variety of fun, interactive volunteer opportunities for people of all skills and backgrounds throughout the event. Sign up to volunteer here. We are particularly looking for volunteers who are: 

  • Bilingual or conversational in English/Spanish

  • Knowledgeable about seeds/gardening 

  • Committed to helping our community 

What's on the agenda? 

  • workshops on permaculture, seed starting, composting and more! (see the full schedule below)

  • local vendors selling good food - vendors will be cash only!

  • shopping in our organic, local market

  • live music

  • interactive stations for children

  • variety of organic seeds to take home (please bring your own envelope/container)

Bring your saved seeds to enter our lottery for GrowHaus workshops, tours, and more!

Bring your saved seeds to enter our lottery for GrowHaus workshops, tours, and more!

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Tickets Available


$12 Advance Purchase Tickets are available until March 22nd

$15 tickets are available for online day-of purchase and at the door.

Residents of Elyria-Swansea, Globeville, & CHILDREN UNDER 12 are free. 

Parking Instructions:

Parking in our neighborhood is limited, and we like to ensure our neighbors can safely park near their homes. Please take an Uber or Lyft if possible.  

Otherwise, parking is available at Eaton Metal Products, 4800 York St. and Lot D at the National Western Center. You can find Lot D by putting ‘NWSS Lot D’ into Google Maps. There will be a shuttle running every 10 minutes transporting people from the lot to The GrowHaus and back throughout the day.

** Please note that kids under the age of eight, who need a car seat, will not be able to take the shuttle. Instead, please park at Eaton or in our neighborhood**

Below is a map of Lot D in relation to The GrowHaus - just about a five minute drive away.  

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 2.42.51 PM.png

If you have any questions, please contact Emily Hoel, Director of Operations. (720) 515-4751 x 715

Workshop schedule:

10am- Sustainability in the Modern Waste Industry with Cooper Jackson from Waste Connections:

At the end of 2017 China decided to no longer buy 99% of American recycling due to over-contamination. With these new challenges, the Waste Industry has put a stronger focus on a wide variety of sustainability methods to ensure we are doing our part. We will be discussing some of the eco-friendly initiatives being spearheaded by the Waste Industry and what we can do at home to help out!

11am- Indoor Seedling Starting with Rosalinda Pakiser and Lexi Fickenscher:

This hands-on practical workshop will give you the tools to start the season off right! Starting your own plants from seed is fun, fascinating, and a great way to save money on plants for your garden. As well as getting a jump on the short Colorado growing season, starting seeds gives you access to growing a wide variety of unusual or heirloom plants that are not readily available at most garden centers or big box stores. In addition to learning tips, techniques, and tools helpful in seed starting, you will learn how to choose appropriate seeds for your garden; understand the difference between heirloom, hybrid and GMO seeds; start vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and fruit; prepare soil mix; understand plant needs, including soil fertility, water, proper temperature, and lighting; and learn the basics of transplanting and troubleshooting.

12pm- Biodynamic gardening with Aaron Perry from Y on Earth

Soil an alchemy for stewardship

1pm- Working with HoneyBees with Courtney Cosgriff from HoneyBee Herbals:

Working with Honeybees will be an exploration into the magical world of honeybees and beekeeping. This class will explore the history of beekeeping and how the honeybee has persisted through time as a potent cultural and spiritual symbol around the world. We will travel through time to explore not only the past but also the present situation we are facing. We will learn about Colony Collapse Disorder and ways we can actively help our honeybees. Lastly, Courtney will share what it takes to become a beekeeper and the ins and outs of starting your own journey of working with these delightful creatures.

2pm- Vermaculture with Audri Duran

Audri will be discussing how to make your worms happy in every way. This informative discussion will include worm anatomy, proper care of your worm community, their eating habits, where you can keep them, and what they can do for you and your plants. Audri's workshop will also have a portion where attendees can construct their very own worm bin to take home! $5-$10 suggested donation includes: 5 gallon bucket, worm bedding, worm food and worms! All proceeds donated will go to the GrowHaus!

3pm- Home Mushroom Farming with Alex Albu from The GrowHaus:

The GrowHaus Mushroom Farm Manager, Alex Albu, will lead a hands-on workshop on the process of growing your own mushrooms, from start to finish.

More Workshops To Be Announced!


Thanks to our partners and sponsors:


We expect over 1,000 gardening and local growing enthusiasts to join us for this year's Seed Swap. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Nathan Mackenzie at or 720-515-4751 x 707.