#MyGrowHaus Campaign

For the giving season, we are proud to share our #MyGrowHaus campaign. Students, staff, supporters, and residents of Globeville, Elyria-Swansea share what The GrowHaus means to them by finishing the sentence #MyGrowHaus…. Check out their responses below.

We hope you’ll consider sharing YOUR #MyGrowHaus story on your own social media channels. We’ll be sure to share it here! Check out the guidelines below or use our social media toolkit.

In addition, we hope looking through this gallery and reflecting on what The GrowHaus means to you, inspires you to make a gift to The GrowHaus.

Help us to ensure lasting access to healthy food by making your gift today!

Participating in the #MyGrowHaus Campaign is easy

  1. Take or find a photo of yourself enjoying healthy food, cooking, gardening, etc (think fresh food and sustainability).

  2. In your caption, finish the sentence “#MyGrowHaus…” and tell us what The GrowHaus means to you! (Check out examples below). Make sure you tag @thegrowhaus, and feel free to include other hashtags that represent why you care about The GrowHaus like #healthyfoodisaright #foodjustice #eatlocal #urbanfarming

  3. Make a gift to The GrowHaus.

Laura Molina, GrowHaus Market Coordinator and Mother of Three_ #MyGrowHaus ended my days of settling for unhealthy food to feed my kids. (1).png
Allie, Hydroponic Farm Manager_ #MyGrowHaus grows food year-round to sell locally..png
Esperonza, Former Seed2Seed Student_ #MyGrowHaus is where.png
Irma, Frequent Visitor and Community Leader_ Mi GrowHaus es una gran bendicion. Es un lugar donde se reciben con una sonrisa y le brindan a uno la amistad y hospitalidad y se siente en familia. Tambien puede disfruta.png
Scott, Volunteer Chef_ #MyGrowHaus shows me what an inclusive community really is.png
Victoria, After School Student_ #MyGrowHaus is where I eat healthy food.tle bit of body text.png
Sandra, After School Student_ #MyGrowHaus is where I hang out with my friends and make healthy food..png
Lisa, Partner_ #MyGrowHaus donates food to us so local kids get healthy meals.png
Kristy, GrowHaus Volunteer_ #MyGrowHaus is a community where people come together from all different backgrounds..png
Aidely, After School Student_ #MyGrowHaus is healthy..png
Kathryn, Director of Food Initiatives_ #MyGrowHaus values diversity, equity, and inclusion and believes healthy food is a right for all people.png
Rosa, Nutrition Class Participant_#MiGrowHaus me da conocimiento para mí, mi familia y mi comunidad. Estoy muy agradecido por todos los servicios que ofrece..png
Dolores, Frequent GrowHaus Visitor_ #MiGrowHaus ayuda a la comunided y enseńa sobre salud y jardenía también..png
Elias, #MiGrowHaus es un lugar para socializar..png
Charles, Volunteer_ #MyGrowHaus is a beautiful place with beautiful people..png
Blanca, Frequent GrowHaus Visitor_ #MiGrowHaus es la mejor manera para que mi familia y yo aprendamos a comer de manera saludable y sobre los beneficios para la salud. (1).png
Guadalupe, Promotoa#MyGrowHaus is equipping mewith the skills to be a community advocate. Helping me, help my community. (2).png
Kristen, También Member says #MyGrowHaus is a beautiful and vibrant place - the energy is magnetic and magical. (1).png
Here's what one of our younger community members, Ingry, has to say_#MyGrowHaus is healthy, fun, and I like to bake there. (1).png
Monica, Staff Member#MyGrowHaus is a hands on classroom where we experience the growth of life and health..png
Debbie & Friends, Happy Hour Tour Attendees_ (2).png
Monse, After School Student_ #MyGrowHaus is beautiful, healthy, and fun..png
Billy, Market Attendant_ #MyGrowHaus is teaching me what it means to work in a community that advocates for itself..png