Maggie is a former participant in our summer leadership program, Seed2Seed, who returned as a Mentor in the program the following year. Her first year, Maggie was hesitant to come to Seed2Seed, but she soon found her footing and some amazing friends. With a diverse group at her side and a wide variety of field trips and activities to keep her learning, Maggie has changed her tune.

When asked why she decided to return to the program, Maggie says, "I wanted to set an example for future mentors. I wanted to help other teens come out of their shell, the way I was able to- even if it's just one person."

The opportunity to be a positive leader, and to learn more about living sustainably has given her a new goal. Maggie is now ready to step outside of her comfort zone and commit to living off of what she does and what she can grow.